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Hair loss, no matter the cause, can be devastating for both men and women. The good news today as that there are many great hair loss treatments available today that fit different levels of hair loss. Not only are there more options, but the available options  are much more advanced so there is less downtime and more natural looking results.

prNon-Surgical Options

Scalp Micro Pigmentation (SMP)

Scalp Micro Pigmentation has really become popular and is a great option for those not interested in any actual medical procedure to restore hair but are unhappy with looking completely bald. Many patients look great with shaved hair but don’t like that the bald area remains noticeable. SMP can give them the look of a full head of hair that has just been shaved down.


NeoGraft Hair Restoration

NeoGraft is the first automated hair transplant system on the market. The traditional method for hair transplant surgery involves removing a strip from the back of the scalp to harvest grafts from. They are then transplanted to bald or thinning areas on the scalp. NeoGraft extracts each follicular unit one by one eliminating the need for any cutting or sutures. Patients also end up with no long scar across the back of the head. The grafts are then transplanted to recipient sites as needed for natural hair growth.

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