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PRP for Hair Loss Q & A

What is PRP Hair Therapy For?

Thinning hair, breakage, and/or stunted hair growth.


How Is PRP Hair Therapy Performed?

Blood is first drawn by our Nurse and spun in a centrifuge to separate the growth factors. Dr. Thompson then numbs the scalp and injects the platelet rich plasma under the scalp. Our nurse, Alfie, then micro-needles the remaining mixture into the scalp to stimulate follicles and blood growth and allow for greater penetration of the PRP mixture.
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The micro-injuries created during an micro-needling tx triggers the natural healing response to repair damaged cells that have miniaturized, typically from DHT (male sex hormone released during male pattern baldness or female pattern hair loss). The injected PRP accelerates the degree of regeneration of the damaged tissue and stimulates blood circulation.
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How Long Does The Procedure Take?

Plan on one hour and thirty minutes in our office from start to finish for each treatment.


How Long Is The Recovery from PRP Hair Therapy?

The scalp will be tender for approximately 24 hours. Patients are instructed to not get their hair wet for 12 hours following their procedure and to not use hair products for 24 hours.


How Much Does PRP for Hair Loss Cost?

The initial cost is $1900 for two treatments which are typically done 4-8 weeks apart. Touch-ups are recommended every 6-12 months and cost $900 each.


What Kind of Results Can I Expect?

PRP hair therapy can stimulate hair follicles to produce longer, thicker and healthier hair fibers, which is typically noticeable within 8 weeks following treatment but may take 6-12 months for full hair loss improvement.

While it doesn’t actually regrow new hair, it works well to reverse the miniaturization of hair follicles, which often happens with male or female pattern hair loss. For patients with completely bald areas of the scalp, hair transplant surgery with NeoGraft or FUT will likely be required in place of PRP hair therapy or in addition to.

For more information about PRP Hair Therapy, click HERE or call (801)776-2220 for a consultation.

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