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Best Non-Surgical Treatments for Hair Loss on Good Things Utah

Mariah Sanchez and Alfie Symes of Utah Facial Plastics discuss the best non-surgical treatments for hair loss on Good Things Utah with Nicea DeGering.

Nicea: Hair loss affects nearly 50 million men and 30 million women in the US so what is the solution? While hair transplant surgery is growing in popularity but it’s not the only option out there. We’re discussing non-surgical options but I want to start at the beginning. Alfie, what causes hair loss?

Alfie: So there’s a lot of things that can cause hair loss. From autoimmune disorders, hormone deficiencies, vitamin deficiencies, stress. There’s also male and female pattern hair loss caused from a hormone, DHT, which causes the follicle to shut down and makes it go dormant.

Nicea: We just did the numbers and more men deal with this than women but women deal with it to?

Alfie: For sure, both genders deal with. And Utah Facial Plastics deals with it from natural remedies to hair transplants.

Nicea: So where do you start when you see and patient and how do you know where to tell them to start?

Alfie: It really depends on the patient and what they’re wanting to do. Finasteride is a really good place to start. It’s a medication that our physicians prescribe that blocks the DHT hormone. It doesn’t grow hair but it stops the hormone from shutting down the follicle.

Nicea: My husband recently went in to Utah Facial Plastics and he started taking finasteride. And what was so interesting was in talking to his friends, how many of them were taking it as well. And if they aren’t taking it, they want to start taking it.

Alfie: Yes, and women take it too. There’s also shampoos and over the counter things you can do.

Nicea: Okay, so Mariah, what else can you do that makes your hair look more full?

Mariah: We offer scalp micropigmentation, which is scalp tattooing. It’s a really good alternative for patients who don’t want the cost or expense of surgery. What I’m doing is making tiny micro-dots to the scalp

Nicea: So when you say tattooing, this is artistic.

Mariah: Right, we go in and make tiny dots, to make the look of a fuller head of hair.

Nicea: So that isn’t actually new hair follicles?

Mariah: Right. So this lady did have two hair transplant surgeries but we couldn’t do anymore because of how tight her scalp was so that’s where we go in and just dense up the front of the hairline.

Nicea: So what colors are you using?

Mariah: For women, we match the hair color and for men, it’s always black or brown.

Nicea: How many SMP treatments does a patient typically need?

Mariah: It depends on the surface that we’re covering so it could be anywhere from one to four sometimes a little bit more.

Nicea: Alfie, where are you in the hair process when this is something that is right for you?

Alfie: This is for patients with follicles that have completely shutdown and they aren’t going to grow new hair. That is when you do hair transplant surgery, scalp micropigmentation or both. For patients who have growth but the follicles are just starting to shrink, we can do PRP, which is growth factors that I take from your blood. I take those growth factors and inject them into the scalp. That stimulates the follicle to help wake it up and produce hair again. It helps strengthen and lengthen the hair.

Nicea: I had no idea there were so many options. And then you go to the other end, which is NeoGraft, which my husband had done. He just had it done 3 months ago but I want you guys to come back when more hair grows in. So far, he is very happy.

There is a special right now for buy 3 PRP injections, get the 4th free and then only $200 for a scalp micropigmentation session (normally $450).

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