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PRP and ACell: A Magical Duo for Thinning Hair?

Hair restoration Draper, UTAt Utah Facial Plastics, we feel strongly that every person deserves to feel their best every single day. This is why our experienced team performs a variety of surgical and non-surgical treatments for facial and hair rejuvenation. If you have begun to experience the signs of male or female pattern baldness, you may be interested in the particular combination of PRP and ACell.

What is PRP?

PRP stands for Platelet-rich plasma. This fluid comes from your blood and is essentially a concentration of platelet cells suspended in plasma, the colorless part of the blood. PRP is collected from a blood draw and through the separation of the three layers of blood using high-speed spinning. By spinning blood, we can sink the matter with the highest density, PRP, to the bottom of a tube.

What is ACell?

ACell is a wound care product that is intended to foster a healing environment in which constructive remodeling is more likely. For hair restoration, ACell Matristem, which contains epithelial basement membrane with numerous collagens, stimulates action within stem cells to heal damaged tissue.

His process will regenerate dormant follicular tissues, thereby producing improved quality in hair growth.

Combining PRP and ACell for Improved Hair Growth

Scientific research has demonstrated enhanced effects for hair restoration when ACell is combined with PRP. This is because the absorption of various collagens and the action of stem cell healing regenerates dormant follicular tissues while also slowing the process through which hair becomes thinner.

How PRP Works to Regrow Hair

Healthy hair growth originates with healthy hair follicles and roots. For hair follicles to thrive, they need nutrients, which they get from blood circulation. Introducing fresh platelets directly into the area of damaged hair follicles, we amplify the body’s innate wound healing mechanism, which promotes healthier growth cycles.

ACell and PRP both stimulate inactive hair follicles to enhance the active hair growth phase. PRP does this by introducing specific growth factors that support tissue regeneration.

Are you a candidate for PRP + ACell hair restoration? A visit to our Draper or Layton office can help you find out. Call (801) 776-2220 to schedule your hair restoration consultation.

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