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How does scalp micro-pigmentation work?

Scalp micro-pigmentation creates the appearance of a fuller, more dense head of hair, corrects hairlines and can even camouflage scars from either surgeries or accidents. This is a great non-surgical option for both men and women concerned with thin hair. Scalp micro-pigmentation uses a small micro-needle to tattoo pigment into the skin creating the appearance of a hair follicle. This treatment does require more than once session depending on the patient and their desired result.

Is scalp micro-pigmentation different for women than men?

For women, our scalp micro-pigmentation artist, Mariah Sanchez, will typically match the pigment to a women’s natural or dyed hair color to ensure the results look natural. Women do not need to shave their heads at all in order to receive this treatment. We have found that most women who come in for this treatment are looking to decrease the contrast between the scalp and hair. For men, she will use either dark brown or black pigment. Men are typically receiving treatment to either create the appearance of a more dense head of hair or are trying to mimic shaven hair follicles.

Does Scalp Micro-pigmentation hurt?

Many patients ask about the pain level of scalp micro-pigmentation. The answer we hear from most patients who have undergone treatment is that it is completely tolerable. Most patients experience mild discomfort but for those with a lower pain tolerance we do offer topical numbing cream.

How long Do Scalp Micro-Pigmentation Results Last?

Scalp micro-pigmentation is ink that is tattooed into the skin so it is a permanent solution. We do, however, recommend that patients come back every 3-6 years for a touch up. Just like a regular tattoo, scalp pigmentation can fade overtime but does not discolor.

What can I expect after my first scalp micro-pigmentation treatment?

Scalp micro-pigmentation requires no down time, although most patients experience mild redness on the scalp which typically resolves on its own within 24-48 hours. The tiny dots will appear darker than normal at first but fade once the scabs fall off and heal. Most of the time, scalp micro-pigmentation is not a one time treatment. It can take anywhere from 1 to 4 treatments to get the desired outcome.

To see if you are a candidate for scalp micro-pigmentation in Utah, schedule a complimentary consultation with our provider by callin (801) 776-2220 or contact us HERE.


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