Does Hair Transplant Surgery Hurt?

Does hair transplant surgery hurt? This is a common question we get asked on a regular basis by men and women considering a transplant with UFP Hair Restoration. While there is some potential discomfort that may be experienced with hair transplant surgery, UFP takes important steps to minimize any discomfort as much as possible.


Most patients will say that the only painful part about the entire process is the initial “pokes” to the scalp made by one or our surgeons when injecting lidocaine into the appropriate areas before surgery. Once this process is complete, the scalp is essentially numb and patients should not feel any pain with the extraction and transplantation of grafts during surgery. We do offer Pronox, a nitrous oxide gas, to help with pain and discomfort during this process and while patients are waiting for the anesthetic to start working. Pronox does not cause nausea or any adverse side effects and is great at minimizing both pain and anxiety.

Oral Medication

Additionally, Valium is prescribed prior to the procedure date to take 30 minutes prior to hair transplant surgery to also assist with any anxiety one may feel. This helps patients relax during the long procedure which typically takes anywhere from 6 to 8 hours total. With Valium, Norco is prescribed as well to help with pain and patients are instructed to fill their prescription ahead of time and bring with them on the day of surgery. While they are numb during the entire process, is does help to take the pain medication toward the end of the procedure so it is working by the time the numbing effects wear off.

After surgery

The pain associated with surgery typically lasts for a few days and then beings to wear off as wounds heal. Enough pain medication is prescribed to help patients through this period and patients are instructed to ice their forehead to help with swelling. It’s also important to sleep with their head elevated for a few nights as well. After a few days, most patients can then switch to tylenol if they are still experiencing discomfort.

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