Is Transplanted Hair with NeoGraft Permanent?

is-tranplanted-hair-with-neograft-permanent This is a super important question to have answered before investing in a hair restoration treatment with NeoGraft considering the financial investment involved. Is transplanted hair with NeoGraft permanent?

The short answer is “yes” but the percentage of transplanted hairs that “take” and become permanent will be dependent on a few factors. First, it’s also important that grafts are taken from the back of the head  as this area is resistant to DHT, the male sex hormone that causes follicles to weaken and become dormant. Utilizing these grafts will allow for the highest long-term success rate after transplantation.

The second variable is how well the grafts are extracted and implanted. With the advanced NeoGraft technology, each graft is suctioned one by one with little risk of damage to the actual follicle. As long as a healthy follicle from a DHT-resistant area of the scalp is precisely transplanted the success rate should be high. The only other variable is in the post-care and how gentle a patient is with those grafts as they heal in place.

All variables considered the success rate with NeoGraft is very high and every follicle that “takes” is absolutely permanent. This is the case when a NeoGraft procedure is performed by a skilled, qualified surgeon and team of technicians. When receiving quotes from different providers on pricing, do not make your decision solely based on cost per graft as you may end up paying for grafts that don’t actually survive, which does not save money in the long run. Instead, look at the credentials of different providers, read reviews and talk to existing patients who have gone to them for a NeoGraft procedure. With cost as part of the equation, you can then make an educated decision for whom to have perform your NeoGraft procedure.

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