Treatments for Hair Thinning – Do They Work?

There are several treatments and medications that work on treating thinning hair. When individuals first begin to notice significant thinning, they typically want to start with the most non-invasive form of intervention. Our hair restoration experts will often recommend that an individual start with something as simple as a supplement or begin with an over-the-counter medication.

Supplements that Work

Nutrafol is a supplement that is made up of botanical ingredients that promotes healthier hair while also targeting hair loss triggers like stress, free radicals, poor nutrition and the hormone DHT which contributes to hair loss. This effective supplement is well-known to help thicken hair for both men and women. When this supplement is taken consistently, individuals notice an overall improvement in their mood, skin, nails, and hair density.

Is your hairstyle contributing to your hair loss?

It is very common when younger individuals come in that they complain about thinning or a bald spot that has recently appeared. Oftentimes when this is the case, the thinning or hair loss they are experiencing is due to the way they are styling their hair. Tight hairstyles that are done consistently can cause hair thinning on certain areas of the scalp. When this type of hair loss occurs, the hair most likely regrows once the hairstyle is changed. To help the regrowth process along, hair loss supplements and topical treatments can be used.


Minoxidil (Rogaine) was the first topical treatment approved by the FDA to prevent hair loss in both men and women. When Minoxidil is used consistently it helps slow the hair loss process and thicken existing hair follicles. Individuals who have used Minoxidil have noticed that their hair is stronger and thicker than ever before.


If an individual is facing more moderate to severe thinning, a prescription medication may need to be prescribed. Propecia (finasteride) is an extremely effective prescription medication that works effectively for approximately 90 percent of men who are suffering from hair loss or thinning. Usually after 3 months of consistent use, individuals notice more hair density and less hair loss.

Long Term Commitment

With all the above treatments, the most important thing is consistency. All of these simple hair thinning treatments require consistency and time. Each treatment has been seen to be very effective over approximately 3-6 months. Once these treatments are started it is important that they are continued to maintain results. If an individual stops taking their supplements or the medications, they would most likely begin to see hair loss about 6 months later.

Hair Injection Therapy

Hair injection therapies include PRP and PRP with ACell. These treatments are not ideal for everyone but can help an individual during the early stages of hair thinning. Both of these non-surgical treatments can help strengthen and thicken existing hair and regrow dormant hair follicles. Hair injection therapy can be done while using Nutrafol, Minoxidil, or even Propecia.

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