PRP with Acell Injections For Hair Loss and Thinning

Hair thinning and loss can be frustrating for many. Most don’t know where to start or what options are available. Less invasive options are usually the first choice when it comes to treatment and Acell with PRP injections can be a great treatment method.

What is PRP?

PRP (platelet-rich-plasma) is a fluid that is found in everyone’s blood. Plasma is the colorless part of the blood and is a concentration of platelet cells. In order to collect a patient’s plasma, their blood is drawn and then goes through the separation process. The three layers of the blood are separated using a machine that uses high-speed spinning. When the blood is spun, the PRP will be found in one half of the tube because of its high density.

If PRP injection therapy is performed without ACell, the individual can expect to have a series of treatments, usually 3 to 6 each year.  PRP for hair growth has been an effective treatment over the past several years and can be used to treat male or female hair thinning or loss. PRP helps regrow hair because the platelets contain growth proteins that stimulate the hair follicles to produce thicker strands of hair. When ACell is performed with PRP, is it adding an extra boost because of its stem cell factors.

What is ACell?

ACell is an FDA-approved powder that is derived from pig’s bladder that is then turned into a powder. ACell was originally used as a wound care product because it fosters an ideal healing environment. It has been shown that adding ACell to PRP hair injection therapy boosts the effectiveness of the PRP because of the absorption of collagen. The more effective absorption encourages stem cell healing that regenerates dormant follicular tissues. ACell is also able to stimulate cells through nutrients and growth factors while improving the quality of the hair growth.

What are the results with ACell & PRP?

The results when PRP and ACell are combined is noticeable after just 6-12 weeks with continued improvement over the next year following treatment. When PRP and ACell are done together, the individual usually only needs one treatment over a 12-16 month time period. However, in some cases a second treatment may be recommended after the first year.

ACell with PRP is an effective non-surgical hair restoration treatment that is appropriate for men and women suffering from mild to moderate hair loss. During an individual hair restoration consultation, hair loss is assessed and the appropriate amount of treatments can be determined.

To learn more about PRP with Acell injection hair therapy and other non-surgical hair loss options, please contact our Draper or Layton, Utah office at (801)776-2220.




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