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“NeoGraft is a unique technology that we just introduced into the market place 5 years ago. The reason it’s so unique is we provide a solution to patients that they’ve never had before. Hair restoration is a very important aspect to many peoples lives, both men and women.

NeoGraft gives patients a better solution for hair loss in that they don’t have the linear scar, there’s no downtime involved and essentially, they can go back to work the next day. For patients, especially females, who change their hairstyles very frequently, NeoGraft allows them to go very very short or keep their hair long without having a linear scar. And, they don’t have the pain, downtime, wound healing aspect that you have with traditional strip method.

Today, NeoGraft has three different aspects of the case that we cover with our device. First of all, NeoGraft is the only complete harvesting system out there on the market. We actually not only core the individual follicles but we harvest them with vacuum pressure. The allows the physician to harvest the individual follicles one at a time as they naturally occur without any disruptions in the stem cells at the top of the bulb.

So with the NeoGraft device, once they are contained into the collection canister, we can then sort those grafts one at a time by individual hair counts, whether it’s a single hair count or a five hair count follicle. We do that with very minimal hair manipulation of the individual grafts. We then take it and utilize those grafts with our implantation device. Our implantation device is completely unique. This patented hand piece allows us to vacuum up the individual follicle one at a time and implant them using positive pressure. There’s no hand over hand implantation technique, it’s simply pulling up air and driving it down into the individual recipient sites with positive pressure.”


“Baldness happened to our family, I’ve got three older brothers and two of them were bald at a very young age. My wife was not so much concerned with my hair loss as I was. It effected me more than it effected her. We had discussed several of the solutions out there, one of them being hair transplant surgery. At the time I was looking at it only the strip method was available and I don’t know if you’ve seen the strip method but it is a very barbaric procedure. They literally take a long strip out of the back of your head and sew it back up again and you’re left with a scar. She was not excited about that and I was not excited about having a long scar on the back of my head.

When we found out about NeoGraft from a friend we researched the procedure and it seemed to be much more of a gentler, kinder procedure. They call it minimally invasive. Now that I’ve had the procedure done and it was about a year ago I’m glad I did it. I walk around and catch myself looking in mirrors. I look younger and occasionally I’ll get a comment when I tell people my age. They can’t believe that I’m that old and it’s just a really good feeling to be able to run my fingers through my hair.

The procedure itself was not painful at all. I went back to work and started the things I do on a regular basis the very next day. First day that I had the procedure done I wore a bandage that night and the next night I didn’t wear one and basically everything that was taken in the donor area was basically healed. At about 7 days, I had a little bit of scabbing up here and at 14 days all the scabs had fallen off. Then after that it was about 3 months before I noticed that the hairs were actually starting to grow. I call it sprigs, you could feel the sprigs coming back in and growing longer. At about six months, it looked very good and then at one year, it looked absolutely fantastic.

Since I’ve had the procedure done and the hair has actually grown in, I feel like I have a large lion mane. I can throw away the baseball caps that I used to wear to cover up the hair loss and I can roll down the windows and stick my head out and feel the wind blowing through my hair.”


“I’m Dr. Barry DiBernardo, I’m a plastic surgeon from Montclair, New Jersey. There’s one new technology that we’re very excited about and that’s called NeoGraft, which is going to revolutionize hair transplant cases. I’ve been doing hair transplant for 20 years but until now, we haven’t been able to overcome that scar in the back. And now that we can eliminate it with NeoGraft, patients that were never going to do hair transplant surgery are coming in and very excited about this new technique.

What it can do that is different from the old techniques, the lack of scarring, limited downtime. I may be a plastic surgeon, physician, hair transplant surgeon…but I’m also a patient of NeoGraft. First of all, without having that scar in the back, it’s a lot more comfortable, there is less swelling, less pain, less numbness. The little dots in the back of the head heal within a few days and you don’t have that long scar. You don’t have the pain from the scar, you don’t have the numbness that comes from the big incision. So the recovery time is much faster and much easier and the quality of grafts going in our superb to create the frontal hairline.

We are always in search of the better, the best and future technologies. I think in this category of hair restoration, we are there today. The NeoGraft has brought us to a point where everything ash been maximized to the fullest in terms of recovery and in terms of the look of the transplant, natural contour of the hairline. That we have been waiting for this ideal, it’s here now and I could recommend to those that have been searching and waiting that the time is now and it’s actually a great time to have your hair transplant because we do have this technique now.”

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