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Eyebrow Transplant Introduction


Drs. Thompson, Henstrom, and Manning offer eyebrow hair transplants here in Utah with both the FUE (NeoGraft) and FUT (strip-method) eyebrow transplant techniques.

The eyebrows are an important part of facial symmetry and greatly contribute to the aesthetic appearance of men and women. Eyebrows frame the eyes, typically the first facial feature others notice. It’s no wonder over-plucking or waxing can leave many feeling self-conscious about their facial appearance, despite their best efforts to draw or tattoo eyebrows on. The results of such techniques are typically unnatural and/or short-lasting.

Eyebrow hair transplant results are permanent and natural with both options. The difference is in how the follicles are extracted. To learn more, visit our hair restoration page HERE.

The Utah Facial Plastics Eyebrow Transplant Difference

  • Full, natural-looking eyebrows
  • Minimal downtime
  • Permanent results in one quick session
  • Outstanding local and long term care
  • Cutting edge procedures
  • Expert team
  • Proven Success

How Eyebrow Transplant Works

Eyebrow Hair Transplant Results


Frequently Asked Questions

Eyebrow transplant surgery can fill in patchy or partial eyebrows or restore them completely following eyebrow hair loss from one or more of the following conditions:

  • Scars or burns
  • Low thyroid levels, anemia, other diseases
  • Genetic predisposition to alopecia
  • Excessive plucking, waxing, or electrolysis
  • Radiation therapy

Dr. Thompson or Dr. Henstrom will first discuss your goals with you and assess your current level of eyebrow hair loss during a free consultation in Layton or Draper, Utah. Photos can also be submitted through our Virtual Consultation page for an online quote.

With the NeoGraft system, hair grafts or follicles are suctioned from the nape of the neck where the greatest number of single-hair follicles are located. Hair follicles around the head typically come with 1-4 strands of hair each and the single-hair follicles in that area around the nape of the neck are most similar in diameter to natural eyebrow hair.

With the strip-method (FUT), and a small section of the scalp is excised from the back of the head to obtain the grafts from. Dr. Thompson closes the incision, which most patients are instantly able to cover with longer hair. Generally, 150-250 grafts are needed for each brow but it does vary with each patient.

The key to a successful eyebrow transplant is the proper angulation of the hair follicle during the transplantation process. Drs. Thompson and Henstrom position the follicles to the upper part of the central edge of the eyebrow if pointed upward while the lateral part of the brow points down toward the ear. The hair will be pointed slightly downward in the upper part of the brow with the lower portion pointing upward, similar to the pattern of a feather.

The brow area will be somewhat tender for 3-7 days but most patients immediately resume back to normal activity levels and return to work the following day. Bruising can occur but typically resolves within one week.

In the weeks immediately following transplantation the new hairs will shed, which is completely normal. The follicles will then generate new hair and within a few months you will see the new growth. Since the new follicles grow at the same speed as the rest of your hair, growth is quick once it begins it may require trimming to keep in shape with the rest of the brow.

With your UFP eyebrow restoration, your eyebrows will look more dense and full and will be completely permanent. Once filled out, you are free to resume waxing, plucking, and/or dying your eyebrows as usual.

Read what our patients are saying!

The second I met Dr. Thompson I trusted him. He genuinely cares about helping you. He’s very honest and upfront about everything. I’m very happy with my results and will only go to him if I get anything else done in the future.

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