The Hairline Problem No One is Talking About

Hair Restoration Salt Lake City< UTWhen we talk about the hairline, the discussion usually revolves around male or female pattern baldness. Men and women both can experience significant thinning at the front of the head. This is a problem for which we have several potential solutions. A receding hairline can be problematic, no doubt; but it’s not the only concern that may occur. The other hairline problem that doesn’t get discussed as often as it should is the high hairline.

A high hairline is characterized by expansive space between the eyebrows and the beginning of the hair. For the face to have attractive symmetry, the eye naturally looks for a hairline that sits 5 to 6.5 centimeters above the brow line. A hairline that sits above that point creates a disproportionate appearance. Historically, people with a high hairline have relied on strategic hairstyling to gain symmetry at the upper face. Now, there is another option.

Lowering the Hairline

An experienced cosmetic surgeon can perform what is called a forehead reduction to effectively lower the hairline and improve the proportions of the face. In the history of this procedure, cases in which the hairline has been lowered up to 2 inches have been documented. However, the extent of lowering is both carefully planned and dependent on the elasticity of the scalp.

Forehead reduction surgery is performed on an outpatient basis and may include a local anesthetic and mild sedation. This is advantageous because it mitigates the risks associated with general anesthesia and minimizes initial recovery time. A mark is made at the point where the new position of the hairline is expected to sit. The skin in between the existing hairline location and this new starting point is then carefully excised, and the two new edges are secured together with two layers of sutures. If needed, hair transplant treatment may coincide with the forehead reduction to refine the shape of the hairline.  

About Scarring

Scarring is a common concern that patients have when considering a facial procedure. Our priority is to minimize the noticeability of incision scars as much as possible. Incisions are often situated where hair will cover them. Additionally, incisions are made in a wave or V-shaped pattern, rather than straight across the forehead.

Forehead reduction is a possibility that should be explored only with a highly-qualified surgeon. Drs. Thompson and Henstrom are board-certified facial plastic surgeons with extensive educational training and clinical experience. Call (801) 776-2220 to discover how your hairline can be refined to bring out the best in your face.

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