FAQ’s About Hair Transplant Surgery

Who should I go to for a hair transplant?

This hair transplant question is most important as your choice in hair transplant surgeon will impact your safety and the result of your final outcome. It’s important to do a lot of research, look at before and after photos and read reviews. If this procedure is not done correctly by an experienced surgeon you will lose on the cost of the surgery and the donor grafts that were taken from the back of your head for transplantation.

What is the average cost of hair transplant surgery?

The average cost for hair transplant surgery really varies depending on how many grafts are needed, what areas hair is being transplanted to, how the donor sites are grafted and who is doing the surgery. Many countries outside of the United States may charge a lot less but they may not be reputable. It’s also important to go somewhere you can easily travel to after the procedure.

Is everyone going to know?

The really great thing about hair transplant surgery is that the results are gradual. Since it takes about 9-12 months for the hair to grow in and to see the final result, it’s not obvious to others. Plus, the grafts are placed one at a time in the same pattern and direction as the rest of your hair so the results are completely natural.

What will my scar look like?

Follicular unit extraction (FUE) scars are tiny 1 millimeter punch marks that are on the back of your head.  These tiny punches usually go unnoticed and heal in approximately 3-5 days.

The Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT) process leaves a a fine, visible linear scar on the back of the head that can easily be covered with the rest of the hair for most patients.

How much pain will I experience?

Patients are always surprised by how little pain they experience both during and after this procedure. In our office our patients are always awake during this procedure and we offer Valium to help them relax. We use a local anesthetic so there are a few pokes to get the entire area nice and numb.

Post operative patients typically do not complain about pain, just some mild discomfort. Pain medications are prescribed to use for the first 2-3 days for pain management.

Are my results permanent?

The reason why the back of the head is such a good donor area is because we typically do not lose hair in that area. The hair that is transplanted is permanent and will continue to grow. You may experience hair loss in other areas and at that point, you may want to consider another procedure. Taking a prescription, such as finasteride, will help slow or stop hair loss from occurring in areas prone to male/female pattern hair loss.

When will I see results?

Hair transplant surgery does require patience. The newly transplanted grafts typically fall out around week two or three. This is referred to as the shedding process and is completely normal. After the shedding process is complete, you will start to see new growth within three to four months. Most patients see full results approximately 12-14 months after surgery.

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