Why is hair transplant surgery so popular?

Hair transplant surgery is becoming one of the most popular procedures that men, and many women, are interested in right now. A candidate for hair transplant surgery ranges from someone with little hair loss to those with more moderate to severe thinning or balding. Many benefits of hair transplant surgery, such as permanent results, multiple options and a quick and easy recovery, make this a very desirable procedure. The amount of areas that can be successfully treated with hair transplant surgery also makes this procedure more popular than ever.

Areas include:

Scalp: Balding and thinning on the scalp is one of the most popular hair transplant areas.

Beard transplant: Grafts from the scalp can add density and/or shape to one’s beard.

Eyebrows: Grafts can be added to thinning or sparse eyebrows.

Another reason why hair transplant surgery is so popular is because it has become less invasive over the years. At UFP hair restoration, hair transplant surgery takes place in our office while the patient is awake. We use local anesthesia to numb the area and the patient feels minimal to no pain or discomfort during the entire procedure.

We are able to offer our patients both FUE and FUT hair transplant options, which gives an option everyone. FUT (follicular unit transplant) is the technique that requires the donor grafts to be obtained from a strip of hair that is excised from the back of the scalp. This then leaves the patient with a linear scar. The scar heals very nicely and is easily camouflaged if the patient wears their hair longer. FUE (follicular unit extraction) is ideal for individuals who prefer to wear their hair shorter as there is no linear scar left on the back of the scalp. Instead, the patient is left with tiny 1 millimeter punch marks on the back of the head where the donor grafts were extracted. These punch marks are so small it is hard to see unless the individual’s hair is completely shaved.

Final results are fully apparent after 12-15 months and the results are absolutely incredible!  Hair transplant surgery is a life changing procedure for most who generally report a great increase in self- confidence.

To learn more about hair loss treatments in SLC, Utah, please call our office at (801) 776-2220 or contact us HERE.




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