How to properly treat your hair loss

how-to-treat-hair-loss There are many different types and causes of hair loss, which can make it hard to find proper treatment. Luckily, there are many surgical and non-surgical options available at UFP Hair Restoration for hair loss that can greatly restore your self-confidence.

In most hair loss cases with women, the cause can be attributed to health, hormones or lifestyle choices. If you are a woman just starting to notice more hair loss than usual or are concerned with bald spots, we recommend seeing your primary care physician first. There are many health conditions and deficiencies that can cause sudden hair loss and oftentimes, all that is needed is some blood work to get to the bottom of the issue.

Iron and Vitamin B12 are a few vitamin deficiencies that can prevent the scalp from getting the right amount of oxygen, resulting in hair loss. Treatment for someone who is deficient in either vitamin listed above is typically an easy fix and once controlled, hair growth should continue as normal.

Hormone imbalances, pregnancy, stress, shock or a series of traumatic events have also been linked to temporary hair loss. Treatment can range from hormone medications to just giving your hair time to grow back.  In most postpartum, extreme stress or traumatic experiences, hair loss will eventually resolve on its own.

Most of the time, men who are experiencing hair loss suffer from androgenic alopecia (male pattern baldness) and begin to notice sudden hair loss or thinning around the crown or front hairline (receding hairline). Women who suffer from female pattern hair loss usually first notice thinning on the top of the scalp. Treatment for either condition comes in different stages. Someone who is newly experiencing androgenic alopecia can try different topical medications, shampoos, and if they’re a candidate, they can also discuss hair restoration injections with their provider. After a few years or months, once the hair loss patterns become more apparent and known, a more aggressive approach can be taken. Hair transplant surgery is a very natural looking, long-term, and highly effective solution for those suffering from permanent hair loss.

Hair loss is unique to each individual and at UFP Hair Restoration we offer complimentary consultations to determine which course of treatment is right for you.

To learn more about hair loss treatments in SLC, Draper, Layton, and surrounding areas in Utah, call (385) 344-4247 or contact us HERE.


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