How Hair Transplant Surgery Has Evolved Over The Years

hair-transplant-surgery-evolution Hair transplant surgery has evolved dramatically over the last century. With today’s modern technology, hair transplant surgery is much more natural looking and patients are able to resume daily activities within just one week.

History of Hair Transplant Surgery

The most modern form of hair transplant started between the 1930’s and 1940’s by Dr. S. Okuda of Japan. Dr. Okuda initially documented his surgical techniques to help restore the hair of burn victims using a “punch technique”. Although Dr. Okuda successfully treated over 200 patients, this new procedure did not captivate much attention due to World War II.

Later in 1952, Dr. Norman Orentreich, a dermatologist, experimented with the idea of transplanting hair from the back of the head to the crown, temples and hairline and found that the transplanted hair grew after surgery. This technique was referred to as hair “plugs” and involved taking large punch grafts, which ended up being approximately 4 mm. This was the only hair transplant technique available at the time so there were not other results to compare it to. Unfortunately, the results of the plugs looked very unnatural with large spaces in between very circular hair grafts.

Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT)

In 1984, the micro grafting technique was introduced where a strip of hair was excised to obtain the grafts from versus using a large punch to remove them.

By the 1990’s, Dr. Bobby Limmer was the first to perform hair transplant surgery using the FUT technique, which is still commonly used today. The FUT technique involved removing a strip of hair from the back of the scalp, the grafts are obtained from the strip and manually implanted into the balding or thinning areas of the head.

NeoGraft FUE

NeoGraft currently uses the most advanced hair transplant technology that does not involve incisions or sutures. NeoGraft uses a two step process of harvesting and implantation. This advanced technology uses a vacuum-like suction to extract and implant the hair follicles, making it more efficient and much quicker than other hair transplant methods.

Hair transplant surgery has evolved greatly and is becoming an increasingly popular cosmetic procedure among men and women. Results are completely natural and there is minimal recovery time with either technique.

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