Nutrafol Men and Nutrafol Women for Hair Loss

There are many over-the-counter hair supplements, claiming to promote hair growth, but Nutrafol has triple-verified their product research. It is one of the most effective supplements that is shown to work best for individuals with mild to moderate hair thinning caused by either stress, age, or genetics. Nutrafol has multiple products for both men and women.

It can also be very beneficial for individuals who want to prevent hair thinning or just want to maintain healthy hair.

Nutrafol Women

This product is great for most women experiencing hair loss or thinning due to common factors such as stress, environment and nutrient deficiencies.

Nutrafol Women’s Balance

Nutrafol Womens balance is slightly different than Nutrafol Women, it was designed for women who are either perimenopausal or postmenopausal. The ingredients are geared towards hair loss that is caused from hormones, stress, and/or metabolism.

Nutrafol Men

With 70 percent of men being affected by hair loss, Nutrafol is something most men should be adding to their daily routine.  Nutrafol Men is a blend of ingredients that increases hair growth and helps hair to become thicker and stronger, without some of the side effects that come with taking prescription medications.

How Does Nutrafol Work?

The ingredients in Nutrafol help reduce stress levels, inflammation, environmental effects (neutralizing free radicals), rebalance androgen hormones and deliver nutrients that are vital to healthy hair.

With consistent use, you will see results. Nutrafol is packed with a blend of botanicals such as tocotrienols complex (super vitamin E), Ashwagandha (decreases levels of stress), Saw Palmetto (prevents testosterone conversion to DHT), and marine collagen (supports overall healthy hair). Other vitamins such as Biotin, Keratin, and multiple antioxidants are contained in Nutrafol, all promoting healthier hair growth. Most of these ingredients have to be purchased separately where Nutrafol is a combined blend.

How is Nutrafol Different from other hair loss supplements?

Nutrafol’s blend of natural botanical ingredients is what really makes this hair loss supplement standout amongst its competitors. Most of its competitors promote healthy hair, skin and nails but Nutrafol is also addressing additional underlying factors that contribute to hair loss.

Nutrafol costs about $80 a month (one bottle) which is slightly more expensive than other supplements.

Can You use Nutrafol and Rogaine Together?

Yes! Nutrafol can be used on its own or can be used during hair restoration treatments. If you are trying to treat hair loss and want a minimally invasive approach, Nutrafol and Rogaine can be used together for optimal results. Rogaine is an FDA-approved, over-the-counter medication that has been shown to aid in hair regrowth.


If you are interested in any of the listed Nutrafol products, visit our online store or come into one of our locations in Layton or Draper, UT. Contact 801-776-2220 if you have questions.

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