Do I Have the Right Hair For Hair Transplant Surgery?

Are you considering a hair transplant but not sure if you’re a candidate because of the quality of your hair?  Hair transplant surgery is an extremely safe and effective hair restoration procedure and is very successful in most cases. Curly hair has been said to be slightly more difficult but if you’re seeing a well trained and experienced hair restoration specialist, your hair transplant should be successful with natural results.

Am I A Hair Transplant Candidate?

A good hair transplant candidate is anyone who has a receding hairline or permanent hair loss and is looking to increase the density in their trouble areas.  A hair transplant is not only for the scalp, but hair can also be transplanted to an individual’s eyebrows or beard.

During a consultation, one of our expert hair transplant surgeons will go over the individual’s medical history to determine if the procedure is right for the patient. For patients experiencing male or female pattern hair loss, medications such as finasteride or minoxidil are typically recommended to slow the hair loss process down. With consistent use of one or both medications, hair can be stabilized, so the newly transplanted grafts in the patient won’t continue losing hair and end up with unnatural results.

Should I Consider a Hair Transplant?

If you are someone who is self-conscious about hair loss, absolutely. A hair transplant can improve one’s self confidence and allows individuals to love their hair again. Hair loss doesn’t have to be accepted as one’s fate. Hair restoration has advanced and is making it possible for many to have hair where they once had it.

What Are My Hair Restoration Options?

We offer our patients both hair transplant options, follicular unit extraction (FUE/NeoGraft) and follicular unit transplant (FUT/Strip Method). The FUE technique is an advanced option that utilizes the device, NeoGraft. With the use of this device, it does not involve any incisions, making recovery a breeze. The other option is the strip method. The strip method was one of the first techniques used during hair transplant surgery and is still used today. The strip method consists of a strip of the scalp being removed in order to obtain the grafts that are needed to be transplanted to the thinning or balding areas. The patient can expect to have a linear scar on the back of the scalp, but this scar can be hidden well with slightly longer hair. Both hair transplant techniques tend to have a high survival rate and results are very natural.

How Long Until I See Results After Hair Transplant Surgery?

Results with either FUE or FUT hair transplant methods take about the same amount of time to see, approximately 12 months from the time of surgery.

During the recovery process, the patient can expect fall out of the newly transplanted grafts. This stage is completely normal and is to be expected about 2-3 weeks before shedding. Once the shedding process is complete, the new growth will begin in 3-4 months. During this process, the newly transplanted grafts are growing, settling and need to go through the natural hair cycle to thrive.

To learn more hair transplant surgery and other hair restoration options please contact UFP Hair Restoration in Draper or Layton, Utah office at (801)776-2220. 

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