What is SureThik?

We are excited to announce an additional product option for patients concerned with balding and thinning hair, SureThik!

What Exactly is SureThik?

SureThik is a topical product made up of hair fibers that are made from keratin protein. These micro-sized fibers are lightweight and completely rain, wind and sweat proof! The keratin protein that SureThick is made of is the same keratin that is naturally found in our own hair follicles. This provides completely natural-looking result in just a few steps each morning.

thickening hair fibers

Benefits of SureThik:

  • dramatic density
  • adds volume
  • total coverage
  • natural results
  • lightweight fibers
  • locks in color
  • fibers style naturally
  • rain, sweat and wind proof
  • does NOT smear, run or clump

SureThik comes in 8 different colors: black, dark brown, medium brown, light brown, sandy blonde, light blonde, auburn and grey.

How Does SureThik Work?

SureThik comes in a powder formula that can be easily applied by shaking or spraying the fibers over areas of thinning. When applied, the product does not fall to the scalp. Instead, it immediately bonds to existing hair follicles to create a fuller, more dense appearance.

SureThik is made of natural based extracts, proteins, botanicals and hair regrowth ingredients. So it is not just making your hair appear fuller but is also helping grow healthier hair. All of SureThik’s products do NOT contain any harmful ingredients such as alcohol, sulfates or parabens.

How to Apply SureThik:

SureThink is easy to apply and gives you thicker, fuller hair in just ten seconds! The twist on pump makes it easy to treat hard to reach areas.

On clean, dry hair simply shake or spray the hair fibers over receding, balding or thinning hair. You will immediately see fuller, thicker hair. After SureThik is applied, gently pat or push down the fibers throughout your hair. The fibers will then blend in and become totally undetectable. If desired, you can then apply SureThik holding spray to add shine and to help lock the fibers in even more.


To learn more about SureThik or other hair restoration options that we offer, please call or text or office at (801)776-2220 or contact us HERE.





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