Why is My Hair Thinning? Signs of balding in your 20’s and 30’s

Hair loss or balding not only affects older men and women. Early hair loss is more common than most people think and can be frustrating for many. There are various culprits that cause early hair loss such as change in hormones, poor nutrition, stress, and genetics. Fortunately, there are options available to reverse and prevent.

Hair Loss in Your 20s and 30s

Thinning and hair loss can become apparent in individuals as young as late teens and early twenties. Hair loss this early is devastating for most, but not uncommon. Once hair loss or hair thinning begins, early interventions and diagnosis can be made to help young individuals start methods to address these issues. Early hair thinning can sometimes be controlled by living a well-balanced, healthier lifestyle or it can be traced to medical conditions or genetics. Being aware of this early can possibly save further hair loss in the future.

Signs of Early Hair Loss

Early signs of hair loss can look different amongst men and women, however there are a few similarities. We all shed hair daily, but it is important to be aware of more fall out than normal when brushing your hair or washing it. Another sign is more hair than usual on your pillow when you wake up in the morning.

Women typically begin to notice hair loss or thinning around their part and notice it gradually becomes wider over time. Another sign of early hair loss in women is seeing more scalp than before, especially when the hair is pulled back. Women are also commonly affected by hair loss when going through hormonal changes such as pregnancy or menopause. Hair loss due to hormones usually resolves on its own, but it is best to talk to your primary care doctor if you feel it is not gradually improving.

For men, hair loss in general is much more common and thinning usually starts with a receding hairline or thinning at the crown of the scalp. Men are commonly affected by male pattern baldness and about 25% of men will notice hair thinning before they reach 21 years old.

Treating Early Hair Loss or Hair Thinning

Treating early hair loss can be as simple as changing your diet by eating healthier foods that promote healthy hair such as a variety of greens, nuts, and fish.

There are also supplements that can be taken. Nutrafol vitamins can be a great option for both men, women, and peri-menopausal women. Nutrafol is a 100% non-drug supplement that contains botanicals such as tocotrienols complex (super vitamin E), ashwagandha (decreases levels of stress), saw palmetto (prevents testosterone conversion to DHT), and marine collagen (supports healthy hair). This supplement also contains vitamins such as biotin, keratin, and multiple antioxidants. All the ingredients in Nutrafol help reduce stress levels, inflammation, neutralize free radicals, and rebalance androgen hormones. All of which can contribute to early hair loss or thinning. This is a great choice for someone in the early stages of hair loss or just looking to maintain their hair.

When hair loss is in the more progressive stages, other options can be visited such as prescription medication, hair injection therapies, or hair transplant surgery. UFP Hair Restoration makes it possible for those who are concerned with hair loss to address these issues and improve quality of life.

For more information about hair thinning, hair loss, and hair restoration options, please contact our office at 801-776-2220.

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