Hair Loss Treatments That Work

29936721 - closeup portrait of an handsome man examining his hairsLosing your hair? Here are some hair loss treatments that really work.

Hair is important. Am I right?  It is a priority to all of us and when some of us start losing it, it can affect self esteem and confidence.  Hair loss is genetic, but it can be improved! There are different methods available including oral and topical treatments, injections and hair transplant surgery.  I have listed below the most effective hair loss treatments available at this time.


Oral and Topical Medication

If you are looking to prevent further loss and maintain the quality of your existing hair, these can be great options for early thinning and hair loss.  Minoxidil is the primary ingredient in Rogaine and a few other hair topicals which  reinvigorate  shrunken hair follicles and  increases their size to  help regrow thicker hair over time.  Propecia is an oral medication that prevents the conversion of testosterone to dihydrotestosterone (DHT) in the body. DHT is the main cause of hair loss in men and women.  This medication helps prevent further hair loss.


Hair Transplant Surgery

Hair transplant is a low risk procedure if done by a specialist. There are some things you should know before considering this procedure.

The Right Candidate

Hair transplant surgery candidates are healthy men and women desiring fuller, thicker hair. Hair transplant surgery does not stop hair loss progression and works best on patients whose hair loss is fairly stable. Otherwise, additional procedures may be needed as hair loss continues. It’s best to consult with our hair loss specialists to help stabilize your hair loss and determine whether or not you are a good candidate for hair loss surgery.


Regrowth is different in every person. It highly depends on the amount and quality of the hair in the donor area. New hair slowly appears in the first 4 months and at about 8-9 months 80% of the hair emerges.

Transplanted hair is permanent and can be treated like normal hair.

After post care is completed, transplanted hair can be  treated  as normal hair. It does not need any special care. You can wash, cut, as desired.

Once it is relocated it is permanent and not affected by the balding process anymore. That does not mean this goes for the surrounding hair. Topical and oral products are best recommended to keep the surrounding hair from balding.

Post surgery precautions are crucial.

It takes about a week to heal from a transplant.  Rest, avoiding sun and being gentle with recipient area is very important. The grafts are healing and could fall out if disrupted.  It is important to follow post care instructions for ideal results.


These methods can be done alone or in conjunction with one another for optimal results.  So  ditch the wig, you don’t have to live with bald or thinning hair anymore…you have options!

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